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July 17, 2007


Ms. Green

I saw your comment on the Glacia Icebox. I am also not a fan of bottled water but ....I have tried the Icebox water and to me it is some of the best water I have tasted, so what they boast is true.
Besides it tasting great, I left it in my car for a week in the hot sun and it did not get hot and did not leach any of those awful chemicals back into the water that the plastic bottles do. So for me at least I think it is wonderful for storage without the fear that we have with plastic.

Miikke Smith

This is awesome. I checked out their site and they also have a space beer - I'm heading for Albuquerque now!

I guess what they do is fly the ingredients into space and back then put those ingredients into their products. That's a very cool idea.


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